New York Audition Information

Membership may be achieved by auditioning in either New York City or Los Angeles.

To become a member, you must successfully pass through a series of auditions that are designed to show off multiple sides of your acting ability and talent and allow us to get to know you over a period of time. Once accepted into our membership, it is free for life.

You may go through several stages of auditioning, such as multiple “call backs” that will show different sides of your talent. Once you advance to “Finalist” status, you are allowed to observe our sessions and have the opportunity to work in session with a Studio member prior to your final audition.

Upon being invited into membership, our members enjoy the freedom of participating with like-minded colleagues in all of our activities that includes our Unit’s work, lectures, special evenings, workshops, rehearsals, readings, projects and, of course, our session work. Members come and go as their schedules permit on both coasts throughout their lives and careers.

Learn more about membership benefits and audition guidelines here.

Any and all New York audition-related questions should be emailed to:

If you are ready to apply, please click here.

Photo Credit: Ellie Gravitte