What We Do

The Actors Studio, founded in 1947, was created and survives today as a unique theatre workshop where members gather together to work on their craft in private.

Through moderated sessions, workshops, and readings, the Studio offers its members – free of charge – a dynamic, creative atmosphere, as well as a safe haven away from commercial pressures. The Actors Studio helps professional actors, directors, and playwrights hone their craft and explore the depth and breadth of their talent.

Based on exercises and techniques developed here by Lee Strasberg and others, The Actors Studio is ‘the home of method acting.’

“There are actors all over the world (who) regardless of their circumstances, professional or personal, regardless of whatever difficulties they are facing, whatever problems or changes—there is one thing they can rely on and that is that 11 o’clock on Tuesday and Friday mornings come rain, shine, snow, or what have you there is a session in The Actors Studio. And the fact that actors can count on that, that they know that that exists, can help them get through.”


The sessions at The Actors Studio are a workshop, a gym of sorts, where actors, writers, and directors rigorously challenge themselves in front of their peers. Sometimes, out of this work, an obvious need arises – to take a further step, to include an objective audience. It is at this juncture that The Studio will open its doors and invite the public to be part of the process. These performances are fully rehearsed, dynamic, bold explorations of both new and existing material. And they’re free!

We invite you to join us at any of our upcoming public performances.

To be informed of upcoming productions, please inquire about joining our Patrons List.
In New York, please email reservations@theactorsstudio.org
In Los Angeles, please email reservationsla@theactorsstudio.org

You will be notified in advance and offered full information on how to make a reservation.

Photo Credit: Shashwat Gupta