Who We Are

The Actors Studio is both a place and a philosophy. It is an association of artists who, drawing from this common wellspring, have made enormous contributions to American art.

Founded in 1947 in New York City by Elia Kazan, Cheryl Crawford, and Robert Lewis, the Studio began as a place where theatre artists could gather, privately, to explore new and deeper connections to the work.

Our founding members, a group of actors, writers, and directors, were committed to redefining the art of acting, to developing a series of techniques an actor could use to search for and express the truth onstage in the moment. The workshop went on to become the most powerful influence on American acting in the 20th century and continues today serving new generations of actors who are committed to the same ideal.

Our founding Artistic Director, Lee Strasberg, developed a series of techniques and exercises that became known as ‘The Method’ and changed the art of acting worldwide.

Membership is free. After successfully completing a series of auditions, the actor is invited into our membership for life.

Please see our Membership page for more information on audition info and guidelines.

The work and activities at The Actors Studio are private and solely for the benefit of our members. When a project in development is deemed ready for public viewing, audiences are invited in for free.

New York’s season runs from Labor Day to mid-June.
Los Angeles’ season runs from Labor Day to late July.

Our facilities are not open to the public, and we do not offer tours.


The Actors Studio Organization

Our membership is bi-coastal, and to support them we maintain two locations. New York is our birthplace and administrative headquarters. Our only branch, Actors Studio West, is located in West Hollywood, CA. All members benefit from having a home with similar activities on both coasts.

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The Actors Studio has partnered with Pace University to offer a 3-year Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) Degree. The Bravo TV series, INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO hosted by James Lipton, is a classroom and craft seminar of the Actors Studio Drama School’s MFA Program at Pace University.

Although it shares a similar name, INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO is separate from The Actors Studio. It is part of the curriculum at Pace University. For more on INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO, please visit the Bravo TV website.

The Actors Studio is not affiliated nor in partnership with any organization or person with the notable exception of Pace University. Any other organization or person using our trademarked name or logo is doing so without our permission, knowledge, or approval.

Photo Credit: Shashwat Gupta