Anyone over the age of 18 can request an audition. It is free to audition. If you are invited in to our membership, it is free for life. Previous training is generally considered to be essential.

Actors are invited into membership by successfully passing our preliminary auditions and final auditions based on talent.

International Auditioners are welcome to audition only if they have already re-located and are living in the New York area or Los Angeles area. They must be residing here, not just visiting, in order to request an audition date.

We ask everyone to mail in a request for an audition with all of the requested materials listed below. When we receive a certain number of requests we will set an audition date and will contact you, preferably by email, at least a month in advance. Everyone who is auditioning for membership must submit their materials regardless if their scene partner is assisting them or auditioning themselves.

In New York you may email questions and follow-up on your current status at:

Someone from the Audition Committee will respond to your email. DO NOT SEND ANY ATTACHMENTS. We will not open them.

In California you may mail your materials directly to Actors Studio West or call  Studio West’s office at (323) 654-7125. You will be asked to leave your email address and contact information.

In order to begin our process, in either city, you are required to submit the following information by mail:

  • A cover letter requesting a Preliminary Audition explaining why you would like to audition for membership. Please include your scene partner’s name, contact information and whether they are auditioning for membership, too. If both scene partners are auditioning, please cross reference each other in your cover notes.
  • Your 8 by 10 photograph.
  • A resume (please include all current contact information including email).
  • One self addressed and first-class stamped letter size envelope for your audition results to be mailed to you.
  • Address your package to the “Audition Committee” to either the New York office or to the Studio West office, wherever you wish to audition.
  • Once we receive your information, please be aware that there may be a substantial waiting period while we process your request. When we get to your name we will contact you approximately 3-6 weeks ahead of time to schedule you for an audition appointment.

PRELIMINARY AUDITIONS are held almost every month, except during the summer hiatus and holiday periods. It is necessary to pass a Preliminary Audition before going on to the Final Auditions which are held only once a year in New York and currently held two times a year in West Hollywood.

You will be informed of the results by mail within a week after your audition. If you have passed your Preliminary Audition and are invited to take a Final Audition, you may repeat the same scene for your Final unless directed otherwise.

If the judges feel you have picked the wrong material, you may get a callback to do another preliminary audition.

If you do not hear back from us, your letter may not have accurate address information on it or is not properly stamped. Please email an inquiry of your status if more than two weeks have gone by since your audition.

FINAL AUDITIONS. You will be called as soon as a date is set for the Finals. We try to give the actors a month notice to prepare their work.

You will receive the results of your audition by mail from the self addressed stamped envelope that you submitted to us. If you pass your Final Audition you will then be invited to become a lifetime member of the Actors Studio with full privileges. Full privileges allow you to sign up to work in our Sessions in either New York or California.